Secure payment

Our secure payment

Terms of payment

The payment systems available to customers are:

MyPOS secure payment

Ability to pay with a click from your PC or Smartphone. iMonecs, a company authorized by the Bank of Italy for payments via physical or remote POS, will deliver a PAYMENT REQUEST PROTECTED BY 3D SECURE BLOCK as an sms, email or whatsapp message, through which you can pay in TOTAL SECURITY in seconds.

ATTENTION: NEVER SEAL-TECHNOLOGY by E20 Robotica will ask you for your sensitive data such as card number or secret code.


Recharge your Postepay:

If you choose PostePay top-up as a payment system, the system will open a page from which you can obtain the Postepay Evolution Business number registered to E20 Robotica.

ATTENTION: any payment made by credit, debit or prepaid cards is in any case protected from any scams or scams. In fact VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, VPAY and all the other major card issuing companies PROTECT THE PURCHASER EXACTLY AS PAYPAL WOULD DO, therefore, in the event of mistakes or fraudulent transactions, it will be sufficient to open a dispute to the circuit that manages the card with which you paid and the refund, after the appropriate checks (as PayPal does for anything else). it will be almost immediate.

Bank transfer:

If you choose the BANK TRANSFER as the payment system, the system will open a page from which you can obtain the iban number and the coordinates to make the payment.

Payment by installments via PAGANTIS:

To accommodate the numerous requests for purchases with the possibility of payment by installments for a few days, the possibility of dividing your purchases by 4 to 12 installments is active WITHOUT THE OBLIGATION TO PRODUCE PAY ENVELOPE OR OTHER INCOME TITLE.

The necessary conditions for access to financing are:

Residence in Italy, France or Spain

Owning a credit, debit or even prepaid card

Do not have reports in CRIF for missed or delayed payments of other loans.

The times of instruction of the practice are practically immediate and, in the following 24-48 hours the money will be credited to us and immediately your order will be PAID.