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Special guarantees

Environmental Protection

Assistance and return

Shipping costs, payment methods and returns


5.8Ghz European video transmission and reception

Obligations of the buyer

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Aerial shooting / photography regulation

Right of withdrawal

Shipping and delivery


I - General Guarantee

All items sold are covered by a regular one-year manufacturer's warranty. To take advantage of this, it is necessary to keep the related invoice.

This guarantee does NOT apply to used or reconditioned objects for which the formula "SEEN AND LIKED" applies. The characteristics of the object, the content of the offer and any other accessories or services are indicated on the product page. In some particular cases it is possible for the seller to provide a limited personal guarantee but this must be well specified in the invoice or in the sales note.

In order to avoid unpleasant episodes, the seller, for all new or used drones for sale on this site, will document the correct functioning of the object before it is delivered to the customer (shot in sequence). In the video document the drone serial number will be clearly framed so that no exchange of products can be assumed. These videos are the exclusive property of Seal-Technology by E20 Robotica which will keep them at least for the warranty period.

The Customer will have the right to replace only the defective Products upon return of the same, provided that the defect is reported within the five-day period from receipt of the product. Damaged, broken or with evident signs of burglary and / or intrusion are not compensated. The shipping costs necessary for the replacement of Products are charged to the customer.

Without prejudice to cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the seller ( by E20 Robotica), it is now agreed that, if the seller's liability (Seal Technology by E20 Robotica) was ascertained, for any reason towards the Customer - including the case of total or partial non-fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the Operator towards the Customer as a result of the execution of an order - the responsibility of the seller ( by E20 Robotica ) cannot be higher than the price of the Products purchased by the Customer and for which the dispute arose.

If the product to be replaced is no longer available, a refund in cash or in other products of the same amount will be made at the customer's choice, with the exception of transport costs which are the full responsibility of the buyer.

II - Special guarantees

Video transmitters

All video transmitters are tested and calibrated before shipment as indicated by a special quality control seal on the package.

Since the transmitters can be easily damaged by connecting to incorrect polarity, incorrect voltage or incorrect connection, the latter are NOT subject to any type of guarantee.

By purchasing these types of products, therefore, you will not have any type of support or guarantee.

It should be noted that all video transmitters sold are exclusively for experimental FPV applications in countries where their use is allowed and for direct connection with the balloon.

It should be noted that these transmitters are not suitable for video surveillance applications or similar activities as operation cannot be guaranteed for more than 20 continuous minutes.

Lithium batteries

All our batteries are CE certified and comply with current European safety regulations. Being assembled cells that can be used for many purposes, the batteries are tested before shipment in order to guarantee perfect operation.

In the rare event that the battery arrives to the non-functioning customer, the latter must promptly communicate it before using it in any radio-controlled vehicle and it will be completely replaced. The batteries to which the original discharge connectors are changed will not be considered as guarantees.

To check operation before shipment, 2 charge / discharge cycles are performed and then brought to a "storage" charge to carry out the transport.

We are absolutely not responsible for damages caused to things and people for the improper use of the same.

Remember that they are products to be disposed of separately from normal waste as they contain toxic substances and are highly flammable.

Regulators, servos and FPV material

All our products are CE certified and comply with current European safety regulations. Being products that can be used for model competitions, they have a special 1 month warranty from the date of purchase if they are regularly registered where required by the product.

The products on sale are certified by our producers, we will not be in any way responsible for checking these certifications as we are considered only installers and distributors of the products sold.

If our technicians find through laboratory tests that the product has been used outside the allowed characteristics, it will not be repaired under warranty.

In particular, all video transmitters and receivers are tested in the laboratory before shipment. There is NO guarantee for these products after the purchase because if not used according to the specifications they can be easily damaged.

Remote Controls

These articles have a 1 year warranty from the purchase if regularly registered on our website. The instruments, however, at the disposal of the manufacturer must be directly inspected by the manufacturer who will evaluate on a case-by-case basis whether to apply the guarantee or not. The judgment of the manufacturer is unquestionable and cannot be influenced by the dealer. cannot be responsible for any reason for the guarantee of these products. Due to this procedure the delivery times will depend on the manufacturer.

III - Environmental protection is very attentive to environmental protection. All our products are low in pollution.

We remind you that batteries must be disposed of in special collection containers. If they are not present in your area, you can return the batteries to our address and we will dispose of them.

IV - Assistance and Return

All purchased products have a standard one year warranty.

If the product is declared under warranty, you will not have to bear any costs (except for shipping to the service center) and you will receive the repaired or replaced product directly to your home by express courier.

If the product is declared out of warranty for one of the following reasons:

product tampering or warranty seal removed

use of the product outside the specifications declared by the manufacturer

extensive damage or misuse of the product itself

the product can be repaired for a fee.

V - Shipping costs, payment methods and returns

Payment must be made at the time of purchase online with the electronic means made available by the site. Our payment systems are certified by paypal, one of the safest systems currently available on the market.

Cash on delivery payments are not accepted. The shipment will be delivered directly to your home by courier who ships from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).

Generally the order is delivered to the courier within the terms specified on the individual products page (delivery item).

All storage costs and any return of the package are charged to the customer who will also have to pay an additional shipment for the return to his home.

All shipments are not insured, any insurance must be requested by the customer when ordering. Upon delivery we recommend that you always sign subject to verification of the content, if this were not the case in the event of damage from the shipment, we could not make a refund.

In case of non-delivery of a shipment, from regularly delivered to the courier (resulting from tracking tracking), the replacement or refund time of the order cannot be quantified, for this reason, customers are advised to always choose insured shipping.

VI - Privacy

Law 875/96 entered into force on 8 May 1997, which protects the confidentiality of personal data. is attentive to a general principle of confidentiality and respect for the consumer and therefore we inform you that your data will be processed in computer or paper version for the purpose of sending your catalogs and managing any purchases on your part. They will be processed directly by our company and will not be disclosed to third parties or disclosed. You can take advantage of the rights provided by art. 13 of the law and may, at any time, oppose the processing by requesting the cancellation of your data from our archives.

Please note that for all transactions carried out through MyPos, Hype or Postepay, customer credit card data is not stored.

VII - 5.8Ghz Video Transmission And Reception Italian Regulations

In Italy all 5.8 Ghz signal transmitters that do not exceed 25MW of power can be used. All our video / data transmission devices are sold and CE certified as they do not exceed the power of 25MW. will not be responsible for damage caused to people or things. It should also be noted that those who want to exceed the power of 25MW in Italy can submit an application to the relevant territorial inspectorates by presenting a copy of their project.

VIII - Obligations of the buyer

The consumer agrees and undertakes, once the purchase procedure is concluded, to provide for the printing and storage of these general conditions, which he will have already viewed and accepted in this obligatory passage in the purchase, as well as the specifications of the product object of the purchase, in order to fully satisfy the condition set out in articles 3 and 4 of the Decree Legislative. No. 185/1999. It is strictly forbidden for the buyer to enter false, and / or invented, and / or invented data, in the registration procedure necessary to activate the process for the execution of this contract and the related further communications; the personal data and the e-mail address must be exclusively their real personal data and not of third parties, or fantasy. It is expressly forbidden to make double registrations corresponding to a single person or to enter third party data.

IX - Manuals And Product Data Sheets

Each product is accompanied by a manual with technical specifications and relative operating instructions. If it is not present in the package, the manual is published online in the support area of ​​our website.

Please note that manuals complying with European regulations may be published in English only. If you are unable to interpret the instructions well, please contact us before putting it into operation.

X - Shooting Regulations / Aerial Photographs does not violate any law in force in Italy and is in full agreement with the Decree of the President of the Republic of 29 September 2000, n.367 "Regulation containing rules for the simplification of the procedures relating to surveys and aerial shots on the national territory and on territorial waters (No. 112-undecies of Annex 1 of Law No. 59/1997 and subsequent amendments) ".

The product concerned is not an aircraft because, although remotely operated, it is tied to the ground by means of ropes. Therefore it does not comply with ENAC and EASA regulations.

XI - Right of withdrawal

Returns of materials are accepted only for online purchases within 7 days of purchase. The return can only be carried out if the sent package has not been opened. All shipping costs will not be refunded.

XII - Shipping

Any items present on (apart from propellers, life jackets and others without electronics), before being shipped to the buyer are tested in the laboratory and, in the case of new or used drones, even in flight to check all the functions. These tests are ALWAYS documented with a video that remains on our servers and is available to the buyer at any time.

The flight tests are subject to the weather conditions present in the flight area at the time of the test therefore, in case the weather conditions do not allow a safe test in a short time, with the acceptance of our TERMS AND CONDITIONS the buyer AGREES to wait the time necessary for our technicians to be able to carry out a test in total safety. Adverse weather conditions, therefore any delay in delivery are absolutely not attributable to which, when ordering, notifies by email or telephone the buyer of the need to test the device before shipping.

XIII - Disputes

For any controversy that may exist, the Lecce Court will have jurisdiction. From the moment a dispute is opened, you must contact our law firm directly for any communication on the matter. We will provide you with the address by registered mail.

The buyer declares to expressly accept the written ante clauses n. I, II, IV, V (limitation of liability), n. XI (faculty to withdraw from the contract by returning the product received), n.I (forfeiture of the faculty to report defects), n.XII (exclusive forum).

The non-Italian buyer also agrees that the current Italian legislation always and only applies to the resolution of any dispute.